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  • My child wishes to play but who do I contact?
    You can contact any affiliated person of the club to show an interest, use the contact form below of send an email to
  • Do I have to pay to play?
    Yes, all of our teams require monthly subs in order to take part. All the money is used to run the club, enter the teams into leagues and provide appropriate winter training facilities when our grass outside pitches cannot be used.
  • My child currently plays for another team but wishes to change...
    We can only sign players who are not currently signed to another club. If your child wishes to change team it is important to first discuss this with the teams manager and if you still wish to change club, request your child be released accordingly. If you require any further infiormation you can contact the 'Hampshire FA'.
  • How safe is my child at your club?
    Your child safety is our #1 priority. We work hard as a club, partake and take advice from all the appropriate governing bodies to enuse best practice when your child is in any of our environments. If you have any specific questions or concerns please email us:
  • Is there a girls only team?
    YES! For the first time we are noe able to fuflil the clubs ambition to accommodate a girls only football team within our club and we need players of all ages to help deliver this. If you are interested please visit our 'Girls' page and get in touch!
  • I would like to manage a team, what are the options?"
    We are always looking for managers as the demand for teams within our club is so high. If you are looking to set-up a new team or manage an existing one we have opportunities available to you. Our ever growing Foundation coaches boys and girls on a weekly basis who have no team to play in so you volenteering to provide them with a safe, fun and educational environment is sure to put smiles on faces! Please get in touch to express your interest...
  • My child wishes to try football but as yet does not want to join a team...
    If your child wishes to have a fun and freindly experince of football training then our Foundation is perfectly suited to provide this. The foundation has children who are also either wanting to experience our club and footbal training or are awaiting enough players to make up a new team. Please visit our Foundation page for more information...
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